Monday, 27 June 2016


It pierces through my heart like a sword
It fascinates my mind. O your love outpoured!
From the very depth of my being, i tremble at the thought,
Of how you wrapped me in your love and how for me you fought.
In the pit of despair my soul was cast.
I despised myself when I thought of my past,
But you picked me up in a way that beats my mind.
When you stepped off your throne, it was me you came to find.

I was lost in the world, in a life of sin.
You took my burden on the cross and changed me from within.
How could I ever repay you for the price you paid?
Thirty-nine stripes, blood shed, a life re-made.
A seal of health, wholeness and Hope, 
Giving me a combined strength to cope.

Through the challenges and heartaches I'd build a strong heart.
Where Faith, Hope & Love would meet, never to depart.
Reformed, renewed, ready to submit
In the hidden man within, a candle has been lit
Moving forward, never looking back
All my needs provided, nothing would I ever lack
Faith, Hope & Love: Three Everlasting Virtues I Can't Live Without.
Charlotte Hagan
Preacher/ Writer  

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Your Life will never be the same. Remain Lifted!!