Monday, 29 August 2016

Simplicity: 6 of 21 Virtues every Professional must Possess

Contrary to the popular notion we believe, real professionals are those who are able to keep things simple. Simplicity enables them to maintain clarity of purpose.
I still recall that hot Saturday afternoon when I entered ‘AA’ publications for the first time with my manuscript. I was ready to publish my first book. The young publisher I met at the office decided to use technical terms in publishing such as ‘bleed’, ‘formatting’, ‘interior design’, ‘type setting’ etc to communicate with me and I couldn’t understand anything. I really felt lost in my dream, hence walked out of the office and decided never to return again.   
Professionals should note that their true worth is not in their complexity or how they complicate things; rather, a great professional is the ‘simplifier’.
Case Study
NASCO and PICO were the leading brands in terms of the production of fertilizers in the country. The sales agents of the two companies were surprisingly fluent in only English. Their sales nationwide were massive and production rates kept increasing by the day.
In a particular year, they both realized that their sales were declining and they kept wondering about the cause of the decline. They both had a meeting and agreed to go and make a public query about the decline. It then came to their notice that the farmers find it difficult to comprehend the explanations given by the sales agent, hence they apply the fertilizer wrongly and the crop eventually dies. They decided to take independent actions to curb the issue. This was their plan;
They decided to send their sales agents for a professional course in marketing that will make them give vivid explanations to the use of their product.
They decided to enroll their sales agent in local languages clash so that they can speak and explain to the farmers in their prospective local dialects for easy application.
“Which of the two companies is most likely to have a rise in sales? What are the possible reasons that will account for this?”………………………...;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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